The BBEA Issues It’s First Grant For A Maker’s Space

In October of this year, the BBEA awarded its first grant! Dr. Dan Johnson, Superintendent of Butler Schools, and Wendy Gorecki, Head of Technology of Aaron Decker School, presented a Grant proposal for a Makerspace at the Aaron Decker School (grades K-4) and it was approved in a unanimous BBEA Board vote. The BBEA Board charged Dr. Johnson not with creating a Makerspace but creating the best Makerspace in the state of New Jersey! To accomplish this Dr. Johnson and Ms. Gorecki presented their vision, and the BBEA Board unanimously approved a $23,051.80 grant which includes equipment, furniture, classroom design and teacher training.

What is a Makerspace? A Makerspace is an area in the Aaron Decker School that will allow our students to explore the various parts of a STEAM program, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, through the integration of cross-curriculum activities that require students to bridge their understanding between and amongst each subject area in order to solve problems and create knowledge. In addition, the Makerspace will be the center of a whole new School Enrichment Program. The Makerspace will require a change in curriculum and encourage students to learn coding at an early age.

Below is a link to a short video, we know you will enjoy watching, of Butlerís Superintendent, Dr. Dan Johnson, explaining how this Makerspace will benefit the students of Aaron Decker.