To get this Foundation started, a small group of Butler alumni and friends of Butler donated $1,000 each in 2018. The BBEA recognizes the following individuals and families as FOUNDERS of this philanthropic endeavor:

Scott Brown 1998, Rebecca and Alex Calvi, David DeFeo 1975, The Dominguez Family 1962 -1974, John and Jane Dixon Fredericks 1953, Marge Giles 1957, Joe Howley 1977, Doris and Harold Jones, Bob Jones 1961, Wendy S. Larry 1973, Anthony Leardi 2002, Dr. Ryan Lowry 2010, Mark Mickens 1981, Robert B, Nicholson 1945, Shirley Kitchell-Nicholson 1949, Ralph Rathyen, Dr. Robert Sinibaldi 1975, James Smith 1961, Scott Spellmon 1982, Greg VanderLaan 1975, Friends of Dennis VanOrden 1975, Cindy and Marty Wall, The McCracken, Grecco and Walzer Families.

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