We know that you are approached by many well deserving charities throughout the year and most likely donated to many. Today, we are asking that you consider including the students of Butler Schools in your generous annual giving by making the BBEA one of the charities you give to annually. With your help, the impact we will make for the students of Butler Schools in the ensuing years will be extremely significant.

As Dr. Johnson shares in this video, Butler would have never been able to afford these types of educational experiences for their students without BBEA grants and donations from people like you.

Below is BBEA’s Annual Tiered Giving Program. A donation at any one of these levels will be greatly appreciated.


Visionary Donors $1,000+
Gold Donors $500 – $999
Blue Donors $250 – $500

Bulldog Donors $100 – $249
Patron Donors $25 – $99
Gifts in Honor of Butler Educators $500+

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